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New Agnosis EP released...

Agnosis release their new E.P. "The Fallout" with the full 04' demo, unreleased live tracks from the recent tour and a special rendition of "Swore My Soul".

1. A Kick In The Ribs While You're Down (preview version)
2. Sharpening The Axe... (demo)
3. Leaky Faucet (demo)
4. The Fallout (demo)
5. Swore My Soul (acoustic version)
6. The Weak-Minded Man (live in manhattan)
7. The Fallout (live from montclair)
8. Witness (live from baltimore)
9. Sharpening The Axe... (Live from baltimore)

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Agnosis lyric previews...



Would you see through my eyes again and again
A screaming soul reaching out from the bend (oh yeah)
I'm not what you get - Just what you see
You took my hand now you have no believe

Witness (can you see?)
Witness (do you belive?)

Would you walk this road with your foot next to mine
To trust in fire as the blessing divine (oh yeah)
Put your faith in the snakes that you hold
Witness hope, witness faith - witness the bold

Witness (can you see?)
Witness (do you belive?)

Put your faith in me...
Give you all you need...
Witness to my plague...
Thank you - come again..

Witness (can you see?)
Witness (do you belive?)


Give me faith
Give you truth
Empty hope
All for you
Your only trust
Soon betrayed
An Open heart
An Empty Grave


Buried dreams
Graveyards cold
Wasted lives
Souls long sold
Give the hand
Take the flame
Can't be no hope
Unless you're tamed
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Some BMR bootleg tracks...

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